About Jacques/Frequently Asked Questions

Jacques Lowe

Most asked questions about JFK:

What was he like?
Full of a sense of humor
Did he ever stop Jacques from shooting?
What was Jackie like?
Jacques didn't know.

Most asked questions about Jacques:

Did he ever meet Marilyn Monroe?
What was his best time with JFK?
Working alone with him at night.
What other presidents did he photograph?
Harry Truman - liked him, Lyndon Johnson - didn't

Giscard D'Estaing, France, Carlos Andres Perez, Venezuela, Dr. Caldera, Venezuela, Dominican Republic
What other politicians did he work with aside from presidents?
Twelve senators, 14 governors and endless lesser types.
Did he like Bobby?
Loved him.
What was his worst job?
Photographing Teddy Kennedy's wedding
What was his best job?
Meeting and photographing Bobby Kennedy and kids
Whom did he love most?
His five kids
Whom did he like least?
His three wives with one exception
Why did he become a photographer?
No other job was available
What about other women?
Forget it